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Paul de Vree nasceu em Antuerpia, Bélgica, em 1909. Professor, romancista, poeta, pintor, diretor teatral e crítico literário e de artes. Também poeta concreto, como se vê aqui.

The Flemmish Paul De Vree, avant-garde literary theoretician and poet, was one of the first to interest himself in visual and sound poetry in the post-war period. He is the author of numerous sound poems, most of them realized at the electronic music laboratory at Utrecht. De Vree’s poems have an intimate character typical of Flemish and Nordic poetry. “Vertigo gli”, “Veronika”, “Ogenblik” “Kleine Caroli”, “Een roos a rose” “Organon” “April am Rheine”, are some which have become famous and have been issued on many records. Playing on phonicsemantic associations, intensifying them by means of precisely calculated reverberations, he creates harmonic alliterations perfectly correspondent to the emotional tension of the written text, which is immersed in a suggestive atmosphere of timbre.  Paul De Vree was born in 1909 at Antwerp. Teacher, novelist, poet, painter, theatre director and critic.  [Source of the biography: http://devree.wordpress.com




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